Hi All,

To check current version and installation instructions for Bob (unrestricted) goto:


To configure Bob (unrestricted) please note there are some new settings within the addon:

  • You now have a choice to enable 3rd Party addons, Remember some links may need additional addons which are not provided by Bob, It is advisable to select this option if you trust the links and addons but off course the choice is yours.

To do this:

Bob will now automatically install any 3rd party addons and repos to help the addon work better.

  • As you may or may not know Openload and Thevideo.me have a new pairing system (you need to follow the instruction and PAIR from your PC/Laptop before you can open the links in Kodi. These links are often VERY good and it is your choice if you want to enable these. The Devs at Bob have disabled these but have given you the option to enable these links if you choose to:

This is fine to do, follow the instructions for openload.co and thevideo.me and PAIR them on a PC or Laptop, then you will be able to watch the links on Kodi for 4 Hours before you will have to PAIR again (see below)


To do this:

  • From Bob Main menu goto settings
  • Click on General Tab
  • Enable Openload or thevideo.me as per your needs
  • Select Done

Bob openload settings kodi

  • If you want to have some fun with the new Bob messages and want to gamble with some possibly offensive but funny messages then Enable the tab in Message Options (above)
  • You know have an option to Turn Off Messages all together since update 1.2.2

To do this select the tabs below (settings/General Tab)

bob addon kodi message toggle

Let us know how you much you like this addon and if you need any help with Kodi via Facebook or Twitter.





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