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Tutorial How To Install Vortex Addon For Kodi By Rockcrusher & Dreamweaver

For fans of Rockcrusher and Dreamweaver playlist on Vidtime, they have now released their own Kodi addon called VORTEX. Rockcrusher is very well known in the Kodi world and this addon is another must have addon for you all. CURRENT… Read More »

Phoenix add-on has been updated – Make sure you have the latest version

UPDATE: Phoenix has been updated to V3.3.1, Make sure you are on the Latest version. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT VALHALLA AND HER PLACE BACK THEN INSTALL THEIR NEW ADDON CALLED (BOB UNRESTRICTED):  https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-how-to-install-bob-unrestricted-feat-valhalla-for-kodi/   Here is a what to expect… Read More »